A. Zaimis
Construction Works | Andros - Mykonos - Athens

The construction and renovation company led by A. Zaimis offers complete services and constructions throughout the island of Andros, Mykonos and Athens.

We undertake to carry out immediately and effectively small and large constructions and repairs, repairs, restorations, oil paintings, insulation, pressed cement mortar, stone constructions, roofs - tiled roofs and various special building constructions.

We work consistently and with attention to detail, seeking an even result, both functionally and aesthetically. We give a great basis to the quality of our materials and construction techniques with respect to the environment and the special architecture of the Cyclades.




New constructions • Home renovations • Building repairs • Hotel & shop renovations • Building • Repairs

Indoor & outdoor paints - Styles with ecological colors of branded companies.

Stone buildings • Garden constructions • Paving • Stone cladding indoors and outdoors

Roof insulation • Thermal insulation • Thermal facades to protect the building from moisture, weather and climatic conditions.

Constructions & repairs on roofs and tiled roofs by specialized craftsmen directly and at affordable prices.

Modern technique and perfect result with various applications in bathrooms, swimming pools, indoors and outdoors.


Contact with us

We are at your disposal for any information regarding our services and constructions.